Growing in Kennebunkport

Dan and Melissa Viehmann were featured in Walker Talk, Volume 32, when they owned two Walker Mowers; today, they own four. Their company, Dan Viehmann Landscaping and Property Management in Kennebunkport, Maine, also nearly doubled in size, with employee numbers growing to five full-timers and 15 in high season.

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Where Three Brothers Compete for Top Net

Consistency is paying off for three brothers in Greensburg, Pennsylvania. Tobin, Dana and Brett George maintained 500 yards with 40 employees and 18 Walker Mowers in 2011. They also provided three service offerings: lawn maintenance headed up by Dana, landscape installation by Tobin and fertilization by Brett, along with snow removal.

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The Growing Family Mowing Circle in Arizona

When featured in Walker Talk, Volume 18, Joe and Tracy Martoccia, owners of Top Job Landscaping in Scottsdale, Arizona, had four full-time employees, none of which were family members. More than 15 years later, it’s Joe, Tracy, son Johnathen and daughter Santina who do the work. The company doesn’t mow 300-plus yards like it did back then, Joe explained. His business model is fewer customers, but better customers.

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New Distributors Welcomed

Two new European distributors have joined the Walker program and will be developing the Walker market in their countries. Walker Manufacturing welcomes Walker Mowers UK Ltd. working in the United Kingdom, and Walker Mowers Baltic SIA working in Latvia and Lithuania.
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Steady as They Go

It’s been more than four years since Cutzgras appeared in Walker Talk, Volume 41. The family-owned business has a nice niche in Port Charlotte, Florida, and Pat, Mark and Dennis Jontos have no desire to shake it up. To the contrary, it’s steady as they go.

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A Wonderful, Enjoyable Journey

Howard Jensen has a long relationship with Walker Mowers. He purchased his first one in 1990 and was a dealer for more than 25 years. “Walker Manufacturing is virtually the same company now that it was when I purchased my mower,” he related. “Even the younger generation there holds the same values that have successfully driven it for years.”

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