Landscaping Is Not Just a Job

Ben Stauffer graduated from Lancaster Bible College in 2012 with a bachelor’s degree. He says, “The grounds department has a lot of ground to cover, including mowing 30 acres of turf, so we put a premium on being efficient.”

“I love teaching students.” A comment more typically associated with professors, this one comes from Ben Stauffer, director of physical plant at Lancaster Bible College. His department manages the school’s housekeeping and facilities, and he oversees the grounds and repair shop.

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From Green Grass to Bluegrass: Pickin’ and Trimmin’ in North Carolina

Randy Hawse started mowing and playing the banjo at about the same time. Last year, he had more than 250 gigs.

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The Old and the New

Like many parts of a well-lived life, there is balance needed between the old and the new. Life is out of balance when old people live in the past, and miss all the wonderfulness and discovery of the new, or when young people focus only on the new, and ignore the richness and principle-teaching of the past. Both perspectives are needed to avoid wasting time repeating mistakes from lessons learned from the past and missing the opportunities that come with new developments.

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Leaf Cleanup Video Contest - Win $1,000

Leaf season is just around the corner, and the Walker Mower does a great job cleaning up leaves. Make a video demonstrating the Walker Mower's leaf cleanup in action and post it to YouTube with #WalkerLeafCleanup to enter.

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For the Future Lawn Dominators

Is your child a future Walker operator? Start them early with the new "Future Lawn Dominator" t-shirts from Walker Ware. Browse the selection at and explore other kids items, like the Walker onesie and youth baseball caps.

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Get Ready for Leaf Season

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