Dealers Recognize Walker as Gold Level Manufacturer

For the fourth time, in the past four years, Walker Manufacturing, was recognized as a top performing manufacturer with Gold Level status by the Equipment Dealers Association. The recognition is given to companies that receive exceptionally high ratings from dealers for their commitment to providing top-quality products, parts, service and support to dealers in the United States and Canada. Over 2500 North American dealers participated in the EDA’s 2019 Dealer-Manufacturer Relations Survey and rated the manufacturers of the brands they sell on how they are working with the dealer.

In its survey, the EDA asked agricultural and outdoor power equipment dealers to rate the companies whose products they represent on 12 key categories including product quality, parts availability, warranty procedures, and marketing and advertising support. Gold status is awarded to those companies who receive exemplary ratings from dealers in their manufacturing classifications.

On a scale of 1 to 7, with 1 being extremely dissatisfied and 7 being extremely satisfied, Walker averaged 6.1 in the eleven primary categories, and in the separate “Overall Satisfaction” category, Walker topped all outdoor power equipment manufacturers at 6.4.

“Walker Manufacturing very much appreciates this great vote of confidence by our dealers,” says Walker president, Bob Walker. “We are both humbled by the recognition and challenged to keep working to improve our relationship with our dealers. Since dealers and their services are the only way we choose to go to market with the Walker Mower, they are our life-line as a manufacturer, and we will need to continue our work to build and maintain strong relationships with our dealers.”

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