Spring Is On The Way - Here's How Walker Can Help

Redesigned DS56 Deck

As the spring approaches, Walker wants to help make sure you have everything you need to start the season right. The following resources can help you learn about Walker products, how to try them out, and more:

  • Product information at walker.com provides in-depth information on each model, deck and add-on.
  • The "Try a Walker" section gives customers an opportunity to request an on-site demonstration. If you are interested in demonstrating a mower in the spring, this is a great way to get to know the Walker Mower and your local salesperson.
  • For USA customers, retail financing options are listed on our website, and you can check with your local dealer to see all of the financing options they offer.
  • For Walker owners, many dealers have off-season tune-up programs to help make sure your Walker is ready for spring—check with your dealer to learn more.
  • Check out the See the Walker section to see if any local shows or dealer events are happening in your area.
  • The Walker YouTube channel has a number of informative videos to help give additional details and see the Walker in action.
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