Summer Work with the Walker Mower

Summer lawn maintenance can mean long hours of hot, demanding work, and we understand that anything which saves a little time, reduces stress, or enhances operator comfort can make all the difference when getting the job done.

When cutting grass, how you handle clippings makes a big impact on your day. With numerous Grass Handling System® add-ons available, the Walker Mower can make handling clippings a breeze.
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Interchangeable Decks
Mowing lawns is rarely the same day to day. Seasonal changes in moisture levels, growth rate, or material type can often shift overnight. Having the ability to easily customize your mowing configuration unlocks tremendous efficiency and quality potential.
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Operator Comfort
When it comes to long days on the mower, the first thing to consider is operator comfort. Operator comfort and support is where mowing productivity begins. The Walker Mower is designed to enhance ergonomics and comfort.
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