The All New C23i and Other New Products for 2022

Coming 2022

The C23i marks the next generation of Walker grass handling mowing. Fully re-imagined for 2022; it features a new body design, redesigned 13.5 inch internal grass handling blower with a two piece housing for easy removal, electric blade clutch, and Hydro-Gear ZT3100 transmissions making the C23i the fastest Walker collection mower available. Experience the future of fast, easy, beautiful mowing.



Type: Collection, 7 or 10 Bushel
Power: 23 HP Engine: Kohler Command Pro ® ECH630, EFI
Engine Displacement: 694 cc (42.4 cu. in.)
Max Power: 23 HP @ 3600 RPM
Max Torque: 34.2 ft-lbs
Fuel: 4 U.S. gal (15.1 liter) Gasoline (unleaded - min. 87 octane)

More Product Releases for 2022


Now in Production

  • Larger, 54” deck for Model R
  • Compatible with Accelerator® Grass Catcher
  • Mulch baffle in development


Available Summer 2022

  • New 60” side discharge deck for Models B, C, D, and T
  • Simplified design
  • Integrated deck height adjuster
DS60 Cutout


Now in Production

  • New 48” side discharge deck for Models B, C, D, S, and T
  • Belt-driven blades
  • Compatible with Accelerator® Grass Catcher
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