"The Beautiful Work Just Speaks For Itself..."

Geert Devriese from Duinkerken, Belgium has some thoughts on the Beautiful Cut of the Walker Mower. Watch the video below to learn more:



First of all, when people pay you to maintain their garden, they expect high quality results. You can see it here as well, this is a really beautiful lawn. So you can't use the wrong mower and damage it, leaving ruts and scalping everywhere. People expect high quality results. Walker really is the ideal mower for high quality work. You also get the soccer field effect when mowing back and forth as the grass lays, you get natural looking stripes.

What else can I say? The Walker has been the perfect mower.

I am Geert Devriese. I live in Duinkerken, that is not far from Bruges [Belgium]. I own my own lawn maintenance business. It is since 1995 that I have been active in lawn maintenance. At first I had another job though, nowadays, for the last 5 or 6 years, I have been 100% self-employed, and this I did not regret for a second.

When I was searching for a mower which would let me mow more lawns, bigger lawns, the Walker Mower was really the only choice. My dealer strongly advised me to also include the Hi-Dump system, but I was out of money so he made me a good deal. I am forever grateful that he talked me into that because it goes high and makes quickly dumping the clippings so easy without getting off the machine. It really works incredible.

So, I bought the Walker back when I still had a full time job with another company. Because I was worried about vandalism I didn't want to leave my Walker on my trailer everyday. You know, just leaving it at home, standing there outside on the trailer. Therefore, I thought why not just drive it into the van and dump the grass into a trailer that could tilt up easily dumping the grass. I am still really satisfied with this decision since it is still the best one I have made. I don't like to leave the machine or material out in the wind or rain and for the lifespan of a machine it is worth the effort.

One thing, you pull up to a client. you do your work, immediately neighbors are coming out to watch and see how fast it goes. They are just fascinated by the Walker. Back about ten years ago no one had seen a mower like this in our area and everyone was amazed that you could mow so beautifully and easy in a short time. Now, on this same street there are 15 houses and I mow nine of them. People just see the quality result — the beautiful work just speaks for itself and word spreads.

The Walker gives me opportunity to do many more tasks, because the machine is so maneuverable, so flexible, and it goes so fast that I can get much more done in the same amount of time. It's a really fast and easy machine. It really is a golden machine.

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