Walker keeps Swiss castle's lawn clean

On the banks of Lake Zurich sits Schloss Au, a beautiful property with a long and rich history. This magnificent castle with a background of military generals, celebrities and philosophers from all over the world was built and named in the 13th century, and has undergone many facelifts since then. The property is now publicly owned by the county of Zurich and is maintained by head gardener Carmene Pacceallo.

walker-talk-europe-01-46_2.pngPacceallo is a new Walker owner, but he has immediately realized the value of the Walker. "It efficiently picks up all of the grass and debris," explains Pacceallo. "I enjoy using it, because the lawn looks so clean when I am done." The 12,000-square-meter property is completely mowed once a week. But when it has been fertilized, it will be mowed two times.

Autumn leaf season is the time Pacceallo says he looks forward to. "After seeing what the mower does with grass," says Pacceallo, "I am really excited to see how easy the leaf cleanup will be."

Pacceallo credits the services of local dealer Paul Brauchlii of Brauchlii Rasenmaher with educating him on the basics of operating and maintaining the mower." Paul spent time with me when we bought the mower," explains Pacceallo. "And he has always been responsive when I have questions."

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