Walker Talk Video: Episode 2

We do our best to make the best lawn mower you can get. Not another carbon copy mower, not the flashiest mower, but the best mower for landscaped grass, but honestly, that is not what keeps the passion flowing for us. It’s what people do with this mower, and how it benefits their lives that is the real story here.


Featured in this episode:
• Alex Dinkel, Think Green Lawn and Landscape, Huntsville, AL
• Joseph Bivins, Haxtun, CO
• Tommy Birch, Birch Landscaping, Harwich, MA
• Dan Jones, Pittsburgh, PA
• Cole Anderson, Anderson Yardworks, Bismarck, ND
• Matt Lee, Woodstock, GA
• Michael Green Jr., Bluffton, IN

Send your photos, video, and stories to us and you just might be featured in a future episode. Submit at: http://www.walkertalk.com/life


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