Having a good time in Italy

Luigi Missano of Correggio, Italy, loves his job. Sure, he works in a cemetery. But it is what he does in the cemetery that brings a smile to his face. "I love running the Walker," says Missano. "It makes my job very easy, and I really like to operate the mower."

walker-talk-europe-01-36_1.pngMissano has worked by himself for 11 years to maintain the grass that surrounds the 10,000 graves at the Cimitero Comunale di Correggio, which dates back to the late 1800s. Missano says he uses at least one of the two Walkers all year long, including the snow attachments. He describes the Walker's work on snow as a "perfect job."

The 34-year-old's excitement about the mower is easy to see. "The first thing is that it is a perfect mower," he explains. "The results are that you work good, fast and proper."

For now, Missano is working on earning a diploma to be a financial adviser for a bank. Yet, he says he will never forget his experiences with Walker. "Running this mower has taught me that there can be better ways of doing things," explains Missano. "I am going to use that philosophy throughout my life - no matter what I do."

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