'We're Versatile'

The name gives away part of the story. Bash Lawns & Services does more, much more than mow lawns.

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Meeting Needs

walker-talk-volume-45-2_7.pngIn simple terms, finding an opportunity to be in business is often thought of as finding an unmet need and creating a product or service to fill that need. In addition to unmet needs, there is the possibility that new emerging technology, new solutions and new combinations of ideas provide opportunities to provide a better way to meet needs that are currently being met the “hard way”.

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Members of a Special Club

Jim Dotson is a lieutenant and an emergency medical technician (EMT) at Station 26 in Gwinnett County, Georgia. He spends 24 hours on and 48 hours off, a schedule most firefighters have and a regimen he has followed for 22 years.

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Hot Springs Are Good For Turfgrass, Too

When was the last time you soaked in a mineral hot springs pool, relaxed at a spa, or went for a leisurely bike ride? Maybe a more adventuresome horseback ride, hike along the Colorado Trail, or a whitewater raft trip down the Arkansas River is more your speed. This agenda and more await guests at Mount Princeton Hot Springs Resort in Nathrop, Colorado.

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Everything Under The Sun

When Steve Wheatcroft and Ross Rayment “mowed” their way through university in the late 1980s, little did they dream their small company would be as big and successful at it is today.

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Safety… Safety… Safety

When asked if they have a training program in place, most landscape contractors will say “yes.” They then will likely describe a spring startup session where all employees, new and veteran alike, will be introduced to safety protocols and procedures. Day-long training may include a review of safe operating tips, required safety apparel, and a primer on how to operate equipment and drive a truck with trailer. Some companies actually provide handson training on any new equipment, putting employees through a driving test.

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