It’s Not a ‘Push, Push, Push World’

Baby Boomers may well remember an old “Twilight Zone” episode where an ad agency executive told a laid-back employee to be more aggressive; this was a “push, push, push world”. Decades later, brothers E.J. and Blake Cox would disagree with the executive in more ways than one.

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Young Blood

walker-talk-volume-45-2_7.pngWhen business owners/leaders get into their 60s, it is normal to ask, “What is going to happen with the business”? Dean and I are at that age. We remember how, around 25 years ago, our parents gracefully handed us the business they had started from scratch. Like many family business owners, our parents dreamed that Walker Manufacturing would remain a family-owned and operated business for generations to come. The survival record of all kinds of businesses is about 30% per generation, so keeping the dream of a multigenerational family business alive is a big challenge.

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'I Love to Cut Grass'

When you grow up working in a greenhouse, receive a diploma in horticulture, and then work as a golf course superintendent for 11 years, one thing is for sure—you love green spaces.

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No Stress… Just Work

 I don’t like stress,” says Dwight “Bud” Steinhauer, owner of Steinhauer Services in Clayton, Delaware. “Hence, I’ve grown slowly by word of mouth, and most of my customers are my friends.”

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Behind the Scenes at an Award-Winning Campus

For the 2,600 students who attend the University of Puget Sound in Tacoma, Washington, a beautiful, 94-acre campus is icing on their overall liberal arts education. Featuring ivy-covered walls on the older buildings, along with lush, green turf, the campus won a 2013 Green Star Award from the Professional Grounds Management Society (PGMS). The recognition is for excellence in ground maintenance at an urban university.

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The Case For Quality Mowing

There are several ways and reasons to mow a lawn. At the very least, lawns can be mowed to control weeds or tame turfgrass in outlying areas. At the other end of the spectrum are lawns designed and maintained to look almost like golf greens. In between lie a variety of properties and mowing strategies that can be placed into one of two broadly defined categories: high-production mowing and quality mowing.

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