Schedule a Test Drive on Your Property

What can match the pristine finish of a Walker GHS machine? The power and agility of the Walker B27i. With mulching decks up to 52 inches and discharge decks up to 74 inches, the B27i is a nimble workhorse delivering speed, hillside performance, and exceptional cut quality without the need to haul away clippings. Schedule a test drive on your property to experience the performance of the B27i.
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Demo a Walker Mower on Your Property

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What You Can Expect During a Walker Mower Demo

A new video has been released detailing "What you can expect during a Walker Mower demo." This 6-minute video takes a journey through what happens when you demo a Walker, and how you can become familiar with the various models and features. Take a few minutes to familiarize yourself with the process and request a Walker demo today. 

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Test Drive a Walker Mower

It’s still cold out, but spring is right around the corner. If there is a Walker model that you are looking to test drive when the grass gets green, make sure to get on the schedule today. Click here to request a test drive.

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