Flexibility gives permanence to Akehurst business name

Akehurst, Akehurst, Akehurst, Akehurst and Akehurst! Five generations later and this family-owned business shows no signs of slowing down. Why? The answer is in their genes and the family's ability to adapt to changing times.

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The Significance of 50,000

walker-talk-volume-20-2_2.pngIn a few days, the 50,000th Walker Mower will roll out the door. We will celebrate. It has been 21 years in the making. Some of the big competitors in this industry might say, "What is the big deal? We produce 50,000 mowers in the blink of an eye." To us at Walker Mfg., it is a matter of proportion and knowing who we are. We are not big, but small. We do not apologize for being small. But that sense makes us appreciate the magnificence of this achievement.

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Elon College

Graduation is only five days away and Larry Rhodes is moving fast. As manager of landscaping and grounds for Elon College in Elon College, North Carolina, he is largely responsible for how the campus will look on its biggest day of the year.

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Doing business the "old-fashioned" way in Kansas

It's a new day. Big is better, borrowed money works better than your own, and when equipment breaks, you throw it away instead of fixing it.

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Form and function drive Virginia contractor

Successful lawn maintenance contractors come in all shapes and sizes. That's one of the strengths of this industry. You don't have to be a conformist to succeed.

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Problem customers

Your customers are your business. Without them, all is lost. That's why experts from around the country talk at length about ways to retain them. But as important as they are to your operation, not all customers are worth having. In fact, some can be downright miserable, even unprofitable. For those, a "Dear John" letter may be the best thing for your business.

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