The Walker Mower is the Versatile Choice for Spring

Make Springtime lawn care easy with the versatile Walker Mower. Whether you are dethatching, mowing, or fertilizing, the Walker Mower has a versatile answer for springtime lawn maintenance. Easily handle: 

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B27i Hits Dealer Floors Spring 2020

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6 Ways the Walker Makes Spring Lawn Care Easy

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The Versatile Walker Shines in Spring

With the grass starting to green up, the Walker Mower is ready to go to work preparing lawns and landscapes for the growing season. With seasonal attachments and implements, and a wide variety of mowing decks, the Walker Mower makes springtime work fast and easy and gives beautiful results. Easily handle: 

  • Dethatching
  • Fertilizing
  • Overseeding
  • Weed Control
  • Short Mowing
  • Wide Variety of Utility 

See how the versatile Walker makes spring lawn care easy.

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A10 Dethatcher - A Must-Have Springtime Add-on

If you are getting ready to start with spring cleanups, make sure to have a Walker A10 Dethatcher on hand. This efficient, easy-to-use attachment makes it easy to lift up thatch and collect it all in one pass with Walker's exclusive GHS vacuum action - allowing lawns to get needed moisture and light for a strong growing season. The Dethatcher also has a foldable handle, and an optional wall or trailer mount is offered by ordering P/N 6606-11.

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