Neftenbach’s Time-Saver

In the village of Neftenbach, the blocks of affordable housing have a variety of lawns and gardens, and to take care of these areas the right equipment has to be used. 

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New Production Line for Factory

A new production line has been installed at the factory to assemble all of the non-collection models, MB and MH, plus the MS14. This move consolidated two production lines used previously into one line with increased output capacity for all of these models. The design of racking and storage bins along the production line optimizes the flow of component parts into assembly; enhanced lighting was added to boost workplace comfort and efficiency.

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Filling a Need in France

In 2001, Damien Gouverneur of Auchy les mines, France was looking for a compact mower that could do more than just mow tight spaces.  He wanted a machine that could do both small and large areas and doing them beautifully.  What he found was the Walker Mower. 

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Someren’s Efficient Operator

In the town of Someren Netherlands, you may run into a sleek green Land Rover with the name “Rudi Swinkels” on the side.  He will most likely be pulling a trailer with a Walker Model MD in it and some grass clippings.  

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Working with Swiss Precision

Just outside of Zurich in the village of Mägenwil, you can find the main office of Hauswartprofis AG.  While there, you will also find eight Walker mowers that are used by this highly successful company that not only does exterior maintenance with 25 employees but also interior building maintenance that brings the total of employees to around 200.  With additional branches in Baar and Zurich, Hauswartprofis, has strategic coverage of their customers.

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It’s a Team Effort at Rottne Fútbol Club

If you are a parent or adult team member at Rottne Fútbol Club in Sweden, you just may find yourself on the seat of a Walker Mower Model MH24d as one of the fifteen volunteers who helps take care of the club’s grounds, including three fields and other open space.  

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