New Walker Products - December 2018

Larger Air Cleaner Used on MB23i and MH24d

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Manufacturing Mowers, Bringing Together Families

At the opening ceremony of Walker Manufacturing’s third family reunion, company president Bob Walker emphasized that it takes a big family to produce and sell 150,000 mowers. It takes dedicated employees and satisfied customers, along with a network of dealers, distributors and suppliers.

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The Walker Family Reunion

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'Nothing but GRASS'

Lawn & Beyond’s owner says the Walker Mower speeded up his business growth, not because it mows fast, but because “when you’re done mowing, it’s a wrap.”

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Mowing the ALASKAN WAY

A-1 Lawn & Landscaping crew leader Paul Fine puts one of the company’s three Walker Mowers through its paces. Nineteen mowings a year are typical in Alaska.

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Landscaping Is Not Just a Job

Ben Stauffer graduated from Lancaster Bible College in 2012 with a bachelor’s degree. He says, “The grounds department has a lot of ground to cover, including mowing 30 acres of turf, so we put a premium on being efficient.”

“I love teaching students.” A comment more typically associated with professors, this one comes from Ben Stauffer, director of physical plant at Lancaster Bible College. His department manages the school’s housekeeping and facilities, and he oversees the grounds and repair shop.

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