Connecticut's caretaker

How long would you stay in business if you charged upwards of 30% more for your services than the competition? What if you operated with a two-complaint rule, meaning that on the second complaint, you simply told your customer to find another landscaper? Or, perish the thought, what if you maintained a property according to Mother Nature's schedule and not that of the customer?

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Next Century Talk

As I write this in December '99 and you read it next year, we will have passed into the next century. I suppose this marking of time has caused almost everyone to think about the future and form their own opinions. Clearly there are extreme views. Some have looked glibly at 2000 saying nothing will happen and "let the good times roll." Meanwhile, the alarmist and doomsdayers have predicted catastrophic problems, often profiting handsomely from the fear of the future.

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There's more to Mowing than Mowing

Howard Jensen wears many hats. He's been working for the railroad for 28 years; an engineer for most of that time. He runs a nursery, an RV park, a Walker dealership, and is a respected lawn maintenance contractor. But more than anything else, Howard Jensen is a family man. His railroad career has generated enough income over the years to provide seed money for his business ventures. That, in turn, has given him the opportunity to provide another lifestyle for his wife Susan and two sons.

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Vienna's Castles

Belvedere and Schonbrunn castles are truly unique places in Vienna, Austria. Combined, these two castles draw nearly 10 million visitors a year, and it is easy to see why visitors are charmed by the beauty of these venues. Part of that beauty is the maintenance of the grounds around the castles. From seas of perennial flowers to acres of finely manicured turf, visitors can easily see how involved just maintaining the grounds can be.

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For Connecticut Gardener, New Walker Fits like Hand in Glove

Edward Cook calls himself "the gardener." He maintains 40 properties throughout northern Connecticut with a dedication that borders on obsession. In his words, that's because he likes what he does and he plans on doing it for the rest of his life.

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What to expect from your Walker dealer

A Walker Mower is not a throw-away machine. It is designed and built to provide commercial operators with years of reliable service.

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