Walker Talk Video: Episode 4

This whole season of virus and shutdowns and crazy media may keep spinning, but... the grass keeps growing and the Walker Mower keeps transforming lawns into amazing works of art. So we just want to take a moment to say thank you to all of you out there who are maintaining hope and peace in this season, and who are working safely to keep our communities beautiful.
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Walker Talk Video: Episode 3

Mother's Day in quarantine? How weird has this year been? We think you will all get a kick out of our stories this week. We feature Walker Mowers Australia on the call and a really cool Mother's Day story.
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Walker Talk Video: Episode 2

We do our best to make the best lawn mower you can get. Not another carbon copy mower, not the flashiest mower, but the best mower for landscaped grass, but honestly, that is not what keeps the passion flowing for us. It’s what people do with this mower, and how it benefits their lives that is the real story here.
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Walker Talk Video ep1: Great People

In this unprecedented time that we are all living through, one thing remains. The world is full of great people showing love and kindness to one another in big and small ways. Check out these stories of great Walker people doing some great things!

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