Neftenbach’s Time-Saver

In the village of Neftenbach, the blocks of affordable housing have a variety of lawns and gardens, and to take care of these areas the right equipment has to be used. 

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Working with Swiss Precision

Just outside of Zurich in the village of Mägenwil, you can find the main office of Hauswartprofis AG.  While there, you will also find eight Walker mowers that are used by this highly successful company that not only does exterior maintenance with 25 employees but also interior building maintenance that brings the total of employees to around 200.  With additional branches in Baar and Zurich, Hauswartprofis, has strategic coverage of their customers.

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Walker keeps Swiss castle's lawn clean

On the banks of Lake Zurich sits Schloss Au, a beautiful property with a long and rich history. This magnificent castle with a background of military generals, celebrities and philosophers from all over the world was built and named in the 13th century, and has undergone many facelifts since then. The property is now publicly owned by the county of Zurich and is maintained by head gardener Carmene Pacceallo.

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Zurich's full-service success story

Meet Erwin Jakober. Twelve years ago this phrase meant a single man and his Walker mower. Today, this phrase means a company of 120 full-time employees and the most recognized lawn maintenance company in Switzerland.

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