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Second Generation Stepping Up to the Plate

Andrew and Matt Mendenhall loved baseball growing up. They got to be pretty good at it too. Andrew ended up playing center field at Oregon State University while Matt played first base at Washington State University. 

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High-Capacity Laser Cutting System Installed

A new, fully-automated Bystronic laser cutting system was installed in the Walker factory mid-year 2021, significantly increasing the production capacity for cutting parts from metal sheets.

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Sharing in the Spoils on the South Shore

For someone who survived both cancer and the housing crash in 2008, it’s pretty remarkable to hear Sean Bishop say the last two years have been his hardest as a business owner. 

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Ground Effects Landscaping [Video]

“I’m a big believer in buying equipment that reduces wear and tear on bodies,” Sean says. “We’ve been using Walker Mowers for 18 years now.”

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Heritage Landscape Maintenance [VIDEO]

With a company the size of Heritage Professional Landscaping, consistency, track- ability and accountability are crucial.

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Lawn Care the Wright Way [VIDEO]

“Sometimes a customer will say to me, ‘Jeff, I couldn’t believe it. Your guys were in and out of here in five minutes.’ I’ll reply, ‘You mean it took them that long?’

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