Prepare your Walker Mower for this Season

It's time to ensure that your Walker Mower is primed for the upcoming mowing season. Here are some essential items to get your mower in top-notch condition, shared by Walker Mowers and commented on by Technical Service Manager Bruce Tallman at Walker Manufacturing.


Image of a Walker Mower tackling spring mowing terrain. 


Check your blades. Your mower's blades are the unsung heroes of lawn maintenance, tirelessly slicing through grass to give you that perfect trim. Inspect them for any signs of wear or damage, as dull blades can tear rather than cut, leading to an uneven lawn surface and potentially stressing your grass. Consider sharpening or replacing blades as needed to ensure a clean, precise cut every time you mow.

Belts and Pulleys

Examine your mower's belts and pulleys. These components are subject to wear and tear over time, so it's crucial to inspect them regularly. When checking the belts, pay close attention to signs of cracking, ply separation, and glazing, which can indicate potential slipping issues. A helpful tip is to remove the belt and gently bend it backward to check for any cracks, serving as warning signs for replacement. Additionally, check that the spring tensioning for your belts is properly adjusted to maintain optimal performance when and where applicable. Lastly, inspect the pulleys for any paint wear, as this may also signal belt slipping and the need for replacement.

Oil Levels and Filters

Don't forget about oil and filter maintenance for your Walker Mower; it's crucial for keeping everything running smoothly. This also includes inspecting gearbox oil levels, usually done through a plug or dipstick. Following the specific recommendations in your owner's manual for regular oil changes and air filter service replacements will not only enhance performance but also extend the lifespan of your mower.

Other Helpful Tips

In addition to the steps outlined above, there are several other helpful tips to make sure your mower is fully prepared for the upcoming mowing season. Firstly, make sure your fuel system is filled with fresh fuel to guarantee optimal performance. Don't forget to grease all necessary points for the year, consulting your model-specific manual for guidance. Lastly, ensure that your mower's tires have the correct air pressure and that wear is evenly distributed across all tires for balanced operation. Taking these additional steps will help ensure that your mower is in top condition for the season ahead.

Remember, proper maintenance is key to achieving optimal results and keeping your mower in top condition year-round! And, if you ever have questions or need guidance, access a digital operator's manual or reach out to your local Walker Dealer for assistance.

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