Kingdom Quality Landscape in California

The students gather for a moment before going to their next class. They are enrolled in Monte Vista Christian School, Watsonville, California, a co-educational and non-denominational institution for students in grades 6 through 12.

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International Flair

walker-talk-volume-09-2_1.jpgWhen our readers noticed the story from France in the last issue and read stories from Australia and New Zealand in this issue, they might think this is a "flair for the dramatic" by talking about international customers - send a handful of machines overseas and make a big deal out of it. Actually, these stories represent a true picture of the worldwide opportunity we've found with the Walker Mower. For over 10 years our export sales have averaged 20% to 25% of the total business. In '97, the Australasian market alone took 7.9% of our production.

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On the fast track at Tracy Public Schools

Craig Hughes is a man on a mission. As grounds supervisor for Tracy Public Schols in Tracy, California, he is responsible for maintaining 17 school sites. His crews mow upwards of 230 acres of grass weekly, perform saftey inspections at playgrounds, prep athletic fields and overall maintain the school grounds.

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Mowing is a Breeze in Calgary

When Laura Breeze and her family moved from New Zealand to Calgary in 1977, landscaping was the furthest thing from their minds. Laura was a nursery school teacher, and husband Rex worked as a building operator for a property management firm. When the firm's maintenance contractor failed to show up one week, Rex's boss asked if he knew someone who could mow the lawn. Laura volunteered, and she's been mowing ever since.

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The Things that Count in New Zealand

By most accounts Brian Larsen is a late bloomer in this industry. He left the forest business and a desk job at age 50, and purchased a tractor mowing company. Homeowner inquiries led him naturally to the landscaping industry where he now maintains three large residential locations, 20 to 25 smaller residences, three institutional sites, and four commercial properties.

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The evolution of the Walker Mower

By design, the Walker is one of the most compact and maneuverable, commercial-quality mowers on the market. Among its features are an exclusive, integrated grass-handling system, a custom designed and custom-developed dual hydro axle, and a near effortless steering/speed control operation that eliminates steering wheels, gear shifts and foot pedals.

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