The Walker Talk Beginning

About ten years after starting the Walker Mower marketing program, I had been thinking about publishing a newsletter or some other customer communication piece. There was advice from marketers from several directions that pointed to the effectiveness of staying in touch with customers and prospective customers.

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The Walker Talk Song

walker-talk-volume-34-2_2.jpgOne of my enjoyments is music and songs. I find that great music and words go deep inside me and send profound messages and pleasures that go beyond mere communication and the mechanics of sound and rhythm. I enjoy the great classics (not too much long-hair), country, gospel, hymns, Dixieland, German-Swiss folk music, Hawaiian to name a few styles and sounds. Although maybe not the perfect analogy, I believe we have been singing a “song” with the publication of 25 issues of Walker Talk.

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Confessions of a Walker Writer

After logging a couple of hundred thousand miles in the air and on the ground and visiting with nearly a hundred Walker operators, I have a confession to make. I have not been writing about a mower. Instead, I have been writing about the people who do the mowing. But if you’ve been a Walker Talk reader over the years, you know that.

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Walker Talk Revisited

Walker Talk editor Rod Dickens catches up with the subjects of profiles from the first 24 editions of the magazine.

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