Greenwood Village "Excellence is our Standard"

A maze of trees provide an interesting challenge for Walker Mower operator Kevin Bertrand.

Located only 10 miles from downtown Denver and split right down the center by heavily trafficked I-25 is Greenwood Village, a community of 15,000 plus residents. Unlike most metropolitan municipalities, however, this city is dominated less by noise and congestion and more by green space. In fact, Greenwood Village features 17 parks, including smaller neighborhood “pocket parks,” two destination and two equestrian parks, several recreation fields, not to mention lengthy connecting trails.

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From Zero to 65 in Four Years


Brenda Bailey always enjoyed mowing and gardening. Her dream was to one day put the leisurely pursuits to work in her own company. The dream came true four years ago when she quit her job of 13 years and started mowing lawns in her neighborhood.

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When It Comes to Space, Perception Isn't Reality

Aerial view shows mower configuration, along with Marcus Buchanan’s organizational side.

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"I Don't Hunt or Fish, But..."

4N maintains more than a dozen high-end residential properties like this one in Enid, Okla.

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Our Story Continues

Forty years ago we made our first public introduction of the Walker Mower at a farm equipment show in Kansas. We were showing our 3rd prototype as a market test, and with the encouragement we received from farmers at the show, we started working on building our first batch of 25 machines in 1980. As I think back over the years, a lot has happened in our industry. There have been many manufacturers of lawn mowers and other power equipment that have come and gone; quite a few well-known brand names have disappeared.

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