Older Before His Time

David Bartlett doesn’t look 17, not at all. In fact, residents of the 65 weekly properties he maintains think he’s north of 21. That works to his advantage, but appearance isn’t the only thing that misdirects customers. Bartlett’s equipment, personality and dedication all point to an individual who is much older and wiser than his age.

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Slow, Planned Growth Reaps Dividends

Maine contractor Booth Hemingway built a great company over the past 37 years—so great that a group of investors just bought it.

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Business Tips: Is Your Business Ready to Sell?

Chances are, selling your company is the furthest thing from your mind. Even so, running your business like you’re preparing to sell it will not only make it an attractive buy (if and when that day comes), it’s also the only way to operate and help ensure your future and that of your employees. This advice comes from veteran landscape contractor Mike Rorie.

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Sight & Sound Theatres: Walker Mower Plays a Leading Role Offstage

Cars and buses start pouring into the parking lot about two hours prior to showtime. When the curtain rises there will likely be more than 2,000 people in attendance anticipating the story of Samson and viewing the Sight & Sound Theatres’ mission: Bringing the Bible to Life.

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Small, Slow Beginnings

Our first mower prototype was done as a design challenge and “hobby project”, because at that time we had no grand plan to get into the lawn mower manufacturing business.

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Mowing is Part of What I Am

Roy Mejia owns Roy’s Lawn Care in Wenatchee, Washington. He’s 28 years old and operates a company that employs six people. Five days a week, sometimes six, his three mowing crews maintain more than 80 accounts, many of which are HOAs. In addition to mowing, they prune, do cleanups, fertilize and apply weed control, offer enhancements like seasonal color, dethatch and aerate in the spring, and plow snow in the winter.

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