When It Comes to Space, Perception Isn't Reality

Aerial view shows mower configuration, along with Marcus Buchanan’s organizational side.

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From Green Grass to Bluegrass: Pickin’ and Trimmin’ in North Carolina

Randy Hawse started mowing and playing the banjo at about the same time. Last year, he had more than 250 gigs.

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Business Tips: Is Your Business Ready to Sell?

Chances are, selling your company is the furthest thing from your mind. Even so, running your business like you’re preparing to sell it will not only make it an attractive buy (if and when that day comes), it’s also the only way to operate and help ensure your future and that of your employees. This advice comes from veteran landscape contractor Mike Rorie.

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Tips On Buying Used

Not long ago I had the pleasure of meeting a young man about 15 years old. He and his family were dining in the same restaurant as my wife and I. Dad first approached me because he noticed the Walker Mowers logo on my shirt. His son was close behind. They began asking me questions and showing me pictures of the 1984 Model MS they had recently purchased.

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