Mowing Long Island with an Irish flair

Imagine looking forward to work so much that you literally jump out of bed every morning. Patrick Keyes, owner of Camross Landscaping in Amityville, New York, does just that. He looks forward to interacting with customers, to the challenges associated with growing a business, and to providing a living for his family, something he couldn't have done if he had stayed home in Ireland.

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Family Focus

walker-talk-volume-09-2_1.jpgYou may have noticed the tagline on recent advertising for Walker: "Independent, Family Owned Company, Designing and Producing Commercial Riding Mowers since 1980." It's obvious we think of our family-owned and -operated business as a strength and distinctive advantage. Some might suggest we are advertising a "weakness" in contrast to the strength and stability of big corporate business. However, as the "pendulum swings" with mergers, consolidation and downsizing in big corporate America, it is becoming apparent that "big corporate" is not necessarily synonymous with strength and stability. This is particularly true when a big company has lost "family focus" and begins to treat people like a commodity.

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Building a Future in France

Nestled along France's southwestern coast is the peaceful fishing village of Loctudy; peaceful, that is, until the European holiday season when the population swells from 3,800 to almost 12,000.

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Homeowner puts Walker to Work at "Serenity Acres"

Why would a homeowner spend upwards of $9,000 on a mower? Just ask Carol Nelson of Paris, Illinois.

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Mowing in Walkertown

When the father, son and son-in-law team comprised of Gerald and Gerry Peddycord and Mike May drive the Walker mowers off their trailers, customers aren't surprised. After all, why shouldn't a lawn maintenance company from Walkertown use Walker mowers?

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Equipment repair

M any larger contractors employ in-house technicians who repair everything from string-line trimmers to the company dump trucks. Other larger companies "contract out" service on their fleet truck, yet still maintain their lawn equipment lineup.

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