New Walker Products For Fall 2021


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The Walker B23 In-Depth

The B23 is Walker’s entry level non-collection mower with carbureted commercial power for side discharge and mulching mowing. Its simplified body design reduces weight and cost while increasing chassis strength. And with exceptional hillside stability due to its low center of gravity, the B23 combines agility and a lot of muscle into a compact footprint.

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Walker Transmission Oil Performance System

The Walker TOPS system brings enhanced drivetrain protection and performance to Walker Mowers equipped with Eaton Model 7 hydrostatic transmissions by actively circulating and filtering the transmission system fluid every 38 seconds.

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Introducing... The Walker B23

The Walker B23 is the latest addition to the all-new Model B family lineup. Like the B27i, it brings superior mulching and discharge mowing to difficult properties with hills, uneven terrain, and obstacles, while leaving a beautiful cut.

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New B23 Coming This Spring

The new Model B23 is going into production this spring. It is the perfect machine for users looking for a carbureted, 23-HP engine with commercial mowing power, packing a lot of muscle into a compact footprint. The B23 features a new chassis and body design (shared with the B27i) reducing weight and accentuating hillside stability and the Walker beautiful cut. Watch for them at your local dealer later this year, and stay tuned for more details on

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Walker News & Products - May 2020


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