Tips On Buying Used

Not long ago I had the pleasure of meeting a young man about 15 years old. He and his family were dining in the same restaurant as my wife and I. Dad first approached me because he noticed the Walker Mowers logo on my shirt. His son was close behind. They began asking me questions and showing me pictures of the 1984 Model MS they had recently purchased.

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My Mom

With my mother’s passing in May, I have been thinking a lot about all of the upbringing that she gave me and the heritage received from her life. I write this tribute in her memory.

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4 Reasons to Purchase an Out Front Mower

There’s an application for every mower and each machine has its advantages and disadvantages. Before purchasing any mower, or for that matter any large piece of equipment, it is incumbent upon the buyer to demonstrate it, ensure that it operates well, and determine that it fits the application.

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Walker Matriarch Passes

We are sad to report that Margaret D. Walker, the co-founder of Walker Manufacturing in partnership with her husband, Max, passed away on May 15, 2016 at 92 years of age.

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Walker Export Sales Affected by Strong US Dollar

Over the last two years, the US dollar has strengthened approximately 20% over all foreign currencies where Walker Mowers are exported. This increase in cost is reflected in the selling price in each country which has slowed export sales significantly during 2016 with a decrease of 23%.

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'Now I Want Another One'

"If you want a riding mower, the Walker is for you.” This testimonial comes from Lynda Bulani who lives on a 700-acre farm 20 minutes north of Biggar, Saskatchewan.

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