'I Love to Cut Grass'

When you grow up working in a greenhouse, receive a diploma in horticulture, and then work as a golf course superintendent for 11 years, one thing is for sure—you love green spaces.

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Montreal Botanical Garden

With 18 different theme gardens, the Montreal Botanical Garden is surely a wonder for the eye. Yet, this Quebec showcase, established in 1939, has become more than a public exhibition of beautiful flowers, trees and plants. It is also a center for botanical research and education, and a place to gain new social and cultural experiences.

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The Right Man for the Job

Albert Lauze would never admit to being the ideal contractor. But to his customers that’s just what he is.

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Saving Time and Growing the Bottom Line in Quebec

Enbretien Jacques Levesque has operated his lawn maintenance business for only five years, yet already he knows what it takes to be successful.

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Mowing is a Breeze in Calgary

When Laura Breeze and her family moved from New Zealand to Calgary in 1977, landscaping was the furthest thing from their minds. Laura was a nursery school teacher, and husband Rex worked as a building operator for a property management firm. When the firm's maintenance contractor failed to show up one week, Rex's boss asked if he knew someone who could mow the lawn. Laura volunteered, and she's been mowing ever since.

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Husbands and Wives share more than Life Experiences

For Liz and Grant Monette in Guelph, Ontario and Bessie and Mike Krsovan in nearby Waterloo, being married is more than sharing a life, it's sharing an occupation, too. Both couples operate landscaping companies. 

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