Filling a Need in France

In 2001, Damien Gouverneur of Auchy les mines, France was looking for a compact mower that could do more than just mow tight spaces.  He wanted a machine that could do both small and large areas and doing them beautifully.  What he found was the Walker Mower. 

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A Walker family in France

He doesn't own a mowing business. As a matter of fact, he really never runs his Walker mower Model MC. He saves that for his on-site gardener. But M. Lefebvre of Le Bamot par Verton, France, knows what he likes when it comes to his lawn. What he likes is to watch 10 of the most important people in his life enjoy their time on his freshly manicured lawn. Those 10 people are his grandchildren.

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Coming of age in France

Michel Louvet of Wailly-Beaucamp, France, has been active in the landscape management business since 1975. As he has worked to build his business, Espaces Verts & Jardins, he has also unknowingly groomed his son Henri to work in the same business.

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Building a Future in France

Nestled along France's southwestern coast is the peaceful fishing village of Loctudy; peaceful, that is, until the European holiday season when the population swells from 3,800 to almost 12,000.

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