Turf on a roof in Atlanta

Steve Coffey is not your ordinary landscape contractor. Sure, he does installation and construction, and he maintains the majority of the projects his crews complete in the Atlanta area. Yet, in many ways, he stands head and shoulders above the competition. His company Scapes not only does quality work, it does much of it overlooking the streets below.

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Welcome to Walker Talk

The lawn maintenance industry is entering a new phase. Gone are the days when all one had to do was take orders. Competition is tough everywhere and it's tough for all size businesses. Large or small, to compete successfully today, owners and operators must take advantage of any and all efficiencies.

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Prescription for success

Dick Heim had finished with his day's work. His trailer was loaded and he was tired. Ahead he could see his driveway. The furthest thing from his mind was the accident about to occur. As he slowed to make the turn, a vehicle behind slammed into the rear of his maintenance trailer, driving Dick and his trailer into a tree.

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The climb is steep but rewarding in hilly Pittsburgh

Make no mistake about it: John Flucker is in it for the money.

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Time management tips

Time is money. Find a faster way to get the job done without sacrificing quality and you've found a way to send money to the bottom line. The following are just a few ways to save time and money.

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