The Ultimate Property Manager

E.J. Jaxtimer has long been associated with some of the most beautiful homes on Cape Cod. Over the last 30 years, the owner of E.J. Jaxtimer Builders, Inc. in Hyannis, Massachusetts, has designed, renovated and constructed hundreds of homes on this famous tourist and travel destination.

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Staying Enthused

walker-talk-volume-45-2_7.pngI recently had the pleasure of seeing enthusiasm in action. Barbara and I and our family (all 16 of us) were eating at Fat Daddy’s Smokehouse BBQ in Kihei, Hawaii. As the menus were handed out, the waitress, Maggi Rose, let us know the ribs “were the best you’ll ever eat”. Later I overhead her tell another couple who asked what’s good on the menu, “It’s all good”. Then, when our order was taking a little while to come out from the kitchen, she brought out a couple of small bowls of chips for our eight grandkids to tide them over until the food arrived, and she told them, “Don’t eat too much, because you are going to want to eat all of the wonderful brisket sandwiches that you ordered”. She was right, it was a good meal, but her enthusiasm was what made it a wonderful experience and made us glad we chose to eat there.

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Doing the Walker Wave

“When neighbors drive by this property, they kind of do a double take,” says Elmer Groom. It’s something this landscape contractor is proud of because drawing their attention is his handy work—what he calls the “Walker Wave.”

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DMC is the Winning Formula for this 17-year-old

Old before his time? Hardly. Mature? You bet! Jason Binder, owner of Jason’s Lawn Care in Fleming Island, Florida, is only 17 years old, but already has been mowing lawns for six years. His truck and second-season Walker Mower, along with the rest of his equipment, are squeaky clean, and Jason approaches each of his 25 lawns with the same commitment to quality.

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Lending a Helping Hand

For Greg Hays, cemetery sexton at Loveland Burial Park/Lakeside Cemetery in Loveland, Colorado, having a mower that easily moves between markers saves more than time—it saves the city money.

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Trailer logic

Unless you started mowing at the young age Jason Binder did, your next purchase right after your first mower was likely a means to carry it around. Walker user Gerry McCarthy, owner of Mac’s Landscaping in Burlington, Massachusetts, did the next best thing 35 years ago when he started his business. “I made my first trailer,” McCarthy recalls. “I purchased the running gear and built a make-shift frame on it.”

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