The Math Adds Up in Amarillo

Eliseo Mauricio, owner of Mauricio Lawn & Landscape Maintenance in Amarillo, Texas, learned the proper way to mow lawns at a young age. He helped out in his father’s lawn maintenance business for a whopping $40 a month. “As a kid, that seemed like a lot of money,” Eliseo relates.

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Walker-Friendly and Almost Stress-Free

Kory Knutz loves landscape maintenance. “I don’t have any desire for installation work,” he relates. “In fact, that’s even on my voicemail greeting. Maintenance is where it’s at for me. Maintenance is my sweet spot.”

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A Love for the Science of Growing Gorgeous Grass

Alex Cembalisty says he was never an A or B student in high school. “I just wanted to put on my boots and go have fun in the dirt,” he says. “I developed this passion for trees, plants and grass. I guess you can say I’ve always had a green thumb.”

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Walker News for November 2022

In this issue: A leaf season product highlight and some of our favorite Walker Ware items.

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Backyard Therapy

Zeke Rhodes makes his living designing plumbing and HVAC systems, but the real living starts when he’s outside on his Walker Mower.

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Walker News for October 2022

In this issue: Walker Factory Day recap and some fun photos, a preview of Equip Expo 2022, and the Walker Ware 2022 Fall Line

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