DiRT Spells OPPORTUNITY for this Buckeye

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Reason to Celebrate

In 2018, we will build the 150,000th Walker Mower. Well over a year ago, we began to plan for the Walker Family Reunion III to celebrate this milestone on July 13 through 15, 2018. For all of you that attended Family Reunion I and II, I am thinking you have good memories of celebrating the 50,000th and 100,000th Walker. For those who have not attended, we think you would have a great time if you are able to come to Colorado this July.

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Unique Vantage Point

by Tim Cromley, Marketing Manager

I began working with the Walker Talk project in 1995 and, even though I had a lot more hair back then, what I didn’t have was a clue about how unique the opportunity was that I was beginning to experience. See, the way stories are gathered for Walker Talk is usually by an interaction Bob Walker or one of our staff had with a customer, whether in the field or by correspondence. Then, as we get to know these people, we realize that their stories would be great to share with others. Typically, this means that we hand off the story to our editor, Rod Dickens, and he contacts the customers, makes a visit, gets to know them by listening to their stories, takes photos and then writes their stories.

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Walker Announces Third Family Reunion


March 1, 2018

Contact: Tim Cromley, Marketing Manager
Daniel Pape, Event Producer


Walker Announces Third Family Reunion

Walker Manufacturing Company, producers of the Walker Mower, have announced their third milestone production celebration for Friday through Sunday, July 13-15, 2018. The event will celebrate the production of Walker Mower #150,000 and will mark 40 years since the creation of the first Walker Mower.

“We are a company that likes to celebrate,” explains Walker President Bob Walker, “We believe taking time to recognize achievements both big and small helps keep a company healthy and reminds us of our blessings.”

The Walker Family Reunion will consist of a number of events including the Walker World Championship Obstacle Course, The Walker Advantage Driving Experience and Skills Challenge, factory tours, workshops, a family area, various bands and two nights of entertainment headlined by Josh Wilson and Doc Walker. 

“This celebration is also a reminder of the profound opportunity we have to impact others,” explains Walker, “We see business as multiplication of opportunity; our factory team is only a small part of the overall impact of this product when you consider our suppliers, distributors, dealers and the customers we are blessed to work with.”

Learn more and register at walker.com/reunion.

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Evolving to Preserve and Grow

Filoli Center puts a different twist on the old saying: The only thing constant is change. Since appearing 22 years ago in Walker Talk, Volume 6, this historic country estate, located in Woodside, California, has evolved to ensure its preservation. At the same time, it has expanded its role as a place for the public to learn more about and enjoy early 20th century cultural traditions and natural history.
What hasn’t changed over the years is the magnificent beauty of the 654-acre property that includes 16 acres of formal gardens and a 43-room mansion, both of which are open to the public for self-guided and guided tours. There’s still approximately four acres of turf to mow once a week during the growing season as well, a task that’s charged to the estate’s Walker Mower and a Honda push mower. Two of 14 horticulturists, Justin Brown and David Shippy, share mowing duties on Mondays when the house and gardens are closed to the public.

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Age Still No Barrier for Ralph Anderson

In 2009, when Walker Talk visited Anderson Lawn Care in Wyanet, Illinois, owner, Ralph Anderson, was 76 years old, and his four Walker Mowers and five employees maintained 75 accounts. Anderson turns 85 this year and slowing down is not part of his DNA. His five employees and four Walker Mowers maintain at least 60 accounts, divided nearly in half between residential and commercial/institutional accounts.

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