It's Almost Time for Leaf Cleanup

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Our Story Continues

Forty years ago we made our first public introduction of the Walker Mower at a farm equipment show in Kansas. We were showing our 3rd prototype as a market test, and with the encouragement we received from farmers at the show, we started working on building our first batch of 25 machines in 1980. As I think back over the years, a lot has happened in our industry. There have been many manufacturers of lawn mowers and other power equipment that have come and gone; quite a few well-known brand names have disappeared.

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"The Beautiful Work Just Speaks For Itself..."

Geert Devriese from Duinkerken, Belgium has some thoughts on the Beautiful Cut of the Walker Mower. Watch the video below to learn more:

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Walker Factory Day is Less Than 2 Months Away

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Grass Handling System Video

A new animated video takes viewers into the Walker Grass Handling System (GHS) with a detailed view to see how it works. This 4-minute video is a close look at the two different deck blade rotation options and how the cut material moves through the blower and into the catcher box. The Powerfil™ delivery spout action inside the catcher box is then shown along with how the catcher box door works. Watch the Video

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New Wooden Mechanical Model Available

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