Attention to Detail Helps Define Florida Company

Dennis Jontos, owner of Cutzgras, Inc., in Port Charlotte, Florida, says: “Our philosophy is relatively simple. We’re dedicated to providing quality work, period.”

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Step Out, Move Out

Some of the best and most exciting stories are from people stepping out for the dream of a better opportunity. “Stepping out” has been a part of many of the stories we have told in Walker Talk and that is one way we have been able to keep Walker Talk an interesting read. What is it about some people’s makeup that causes them to step out while others choose to stay home?

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It’s Better Than Fishing

When newly retired Deputy Sheriff John Munk took off his badge, he didn’t have plans to replace it with a fishing pole— not by a long shot. Instead, he jumped on his Walker Mower and took what he’s been doing in his spare time to a different level.

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Texas Campus Sports Big Challenges for Grounds Crew

Follow Route 27 south out of Amarillo, Texas for 20 miles and you will pass through Canyon, home of West Texas A&M. Situated on a beautiful 176-acre residential campus, the university has nearly 8,000 students, 252 full-time faculty, and 569 full-time staff members. Working behind the scenes to keep the campus in top shape are Grounds Manager, Larry Bedwell, and Transportation Manager, Bruce Bassett.

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Neighbors Share Common Bonds

What do Vida, Oregon, neighbors John Farkus, Biff Owen, Ted West, Gene Jones, Jim Goodpasture, Kameron Maxwell and David Cousineau have in common? For one thing, on any given Saturday they can be found using Walker Mowers to manicure their landscapes.

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Repair or Replace?

Whether they operate one mower or a fleet of 20, lawn maintenance contractors will eventually have to answer these questions: Should I buy a replacement mower and, if so, when is the best time to do so? Or, would it make more sense to repair my old one?

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