Walker Export Sales Affected by Strong US Dollar

Over the last two years, the US dollar has strengthened approximately 20% over all foreign currencies where Walker Mowers are exported. This increase in cost is reflected in the selling price in each country which has slowed export sales significantly during 2016 with a decrease of 23%.

Export sales have averaged around 30% of Walker’s total sales over the last 10 years and now are trending around 21%. While lawn mower sales in each country are influenced by local economy and weather, the exchange rate has a strong linkage to the sale of capital equipment since there is a price shift with no change in value to the customer.

Overall, Walker 2016 factory sales are on track with 2015, with the decrease in export sales being offset by a 9% increase in sales in the US market. A benefit of worldwide sales is the stability that comes from selling in a broad marketplace. Well beyond the status of being “international” is the fact that slower sales in one area are often counterbalanced by stronger sales in another area which helps level out the manufacturing operations.

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