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Family.pngAs I write this in December '99 and you read it next year, we will have passed into the next century. I suppose this marking of time has caused almost everyone to think about the future and form their own opinions. Clearly there are extreme views. Some have looked glibly at 2000 saying nothing will happen and "let the good times roll." Meanwhile, the alarmist and doomsdayers have predicted catastrophic problems, often profiting handsomely from the fear of the future.

For the Walker family, our view of the future is more balanced and is based on our faith. We look at Holy Scripture and believe the future will bring both good and bad things into our company. We are people of optimism and hope. Yet, catastrophe and hard times may come and human frailty may affect our progress and prosperity.

A recent emphasis within the company is to be "Rock Solid" in the power equipment industry. To us that means being an independent company, being dependable and being grounded on moral principles as we work with suppliers, distributors, dealers and end-customers. We face the future with confidence and without fear. A favorite bit of wisdom from Holy Scripture sums it up for me and my family: "The righteous man will have no fear of bad news; his heart is steadfast, trusting in the Lord" (Psalms 112:7).

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