Walker News for May 2016

In this issue learn about the new Walker H38i big block mower, our 2017 calendar contest with $2,500 up for prizes, and get a free copy of our latest brochure.


The New Walker H38i

The H38i is a perfect addition to the proven Model H family of high production mowers. It is the most powerful Walker Mower ever featuring 38 horsepower, Delphi® fuel injection, and impressive load response. This results in a perfect balance of power to operate all of the biggest Walker decks and attachments, including the new 64" rear discharge deck. It also features a redesigned rear axle for superior handling at high speeds on rough ground. This, along with a 4-way adjustable Grammer suspension seat, provides personalized comfort keeping you productive on long days.


Eric Welk (right) owner of Welk’s Lawn Care in Fargo, ND recently purchased a new H38i with a 64” rear discharge deck.  He and employee Josh Holm (left) have been putting the H38i through its paces for a few weeks now. We asked Eric a few questions about his mower, and here are his replies:

You have operated our GHS machines for years, what has been the biggest change getting used to the H38i?
The biggest change in getting used to the H38i has been its speed. The handling & agility are exactly what I am used to from a Walker.

Talk about the power of the H38i - do you notice a difference over your other Walkers?
The H38i's power is awesome and cuts through grass in both tall & wet conditions. It does things our GHS and MB machines did not do nearly as well as this mower can.

Has the H38i increased your productivity?
We purchased the H38i to increase productivity which it certainly has. In the past, we would put an MT with a 48" deck & one MB with a 56" SD on our large properties together. The H38i alone is getting these properties done faster & better with one operator now. It has certainly increased production & efficiency like we had hoped it would.

What other features do you like on your new mower?
The features we like on the H38i are the added power, 64" RD deck & dual fuel tanks. The H38i is fast and has the agility that most larger machines do not. We much prefer the RD deck to the SD as we have less worry about where the clippings are going to go and can get close to objects with both sides of the deck. The deck leaves a great looking cut & is striping nicely. It also handles rougher mowing very well and is a lot nicer to operate on things that aren't necessarily smooth mowing.

Final remarks:
To anyone thinking about buying the H38i, it has met and exceeded our expectations and increased our productivity. That is exactly what we needed this mower to do. I am a HUGE fan of the GHS mowers, but the new 38i is winning us over and is just plain fun to operate.

Welk’s Lawn Care has been in business for three years and been running Walker’s since the start.


How can you experience more of the New H38i?

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2017 Calendar Contest

Submissions are now being accepted for the 2017 Beautiful Places Calendar.  Top prizes include $2000 for the top spot and two $500 honorable mentions.  Entries can be made here and are easy to do.  We look forward to your best shot!

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This annual calendar features photos entered by Walker customers from around the world.

Enter Now!

Advantage: Productivity Booklet

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Well, have you seen this?


We have a new printed booklet that let's you take the Walker Productivity Advantage offline. This 9"x 9" high quality booklet looks and feels great while delivering all the great content from thewalkeradvantage.com. 

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