Bartlett Lawnworks and Walker Mowers

This month's Walker User of the Month is David Bartlett. He owns and operates Bartlett Lawnworks in Bottineau North Dakota, which he started in 2013 at the age of 13 years. David says, "We weren’t looking to start a business, but we realized there was a need for quality lawn services in the Lake Metigoshe area. We wanted to create a service so when people come up to their cabins, or have work off for the weekends, they don't have to think about mowing their lawns."


Not only is David running a successful business with the Walker Mower, but he has a wonderful website and video. He is certainly doing inspiring work. When asked what advice David would have for others considering starting their own lawncare business, he said, "Be reliable. Always show up when you say you're going to, be honest, be willing do other work people don't want to do to get your name out there and most importantly do all your work to the glory of God. Just start doing the work, don't wait until the opportunities are right because they never will be."

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