New Walker Products - October 2019


With a newly designed carrier frame and deck housing, Walker introduces the DS61 deck to replace the DS60, offering improved performance, both in cutting quality and side discharge of clippings. The housing is shorter front-to-back which increases machine agility and contour following, plus reduces weight and gives a more compact dimension in overall machine length. Also, the deck is offset to the left-hand side to improve trimming capability. Finally, a larger gas spring is used with the deck lift to make it easier for the operator to lift the deck and adjust the cutting height. Fits on all Model H units.


Walker’s DC48 deck has added replaceable wear edges and stronger deck edge stiffeners for extra durability and wear capacity. After wearing down, the replaceable edges can be “flipped over” to extend use and then be replaced with a new wear edge after both top and bottom edges are worn away. The wear edge kit for the DC48 is P/N 7703-10. The replaceable wear edge design is also used on the DM52 deck and will be incorporated on other Walker decks in the future.

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