Walker Talk Video: Episode 3

Mother's Day in quarantine? How weird has this year been? We think you will all get a kick out of our stories this week. We feature Walker Mowers Australia on the call and a really cool Mother's Day story.


Featured in this episode:
  • Matt Stead, Walker Mowers Australia - Wagga Wagga, New South Wales
  • Chris Elms, Appalachian Turf - Horseshoe, North Carolina
  • Scott Dillon - O'Fallon, Missouri
  • Chris Ingle - Ocean Park, Washington
  • Kyle Rockwood - York Beach, Maine
  • Turf Teacher - Winston-Salem, North Caroling
  • Jeff and Barb Baldridge - North Platte, Nebraska

Send your photos, video, and stories to us and you just might be featured in a future episode. Submit at: http://www.walkertalk.com/life


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