Walker Talk Video: Episode 5

A quick update! Walker Talk Video Edition will be moving to a monthly schedule beginning this month. This gives us time to gather and share all the amazing stories you all are sending in! Keep it up.


A few of the Walker Fan Forums mentioned in this episode:
Interview in this episode:
  • Chris Murphy
  • BJ Godfrey
  • Jeremy Nichols
  • Parker Yost

Submissions featured in this episode:

  • Elias Null (Myerstown, PA)
  • Bridget Lundergan (Wenham, MA)
  • Chris Miller (Akron, OH)
  • Ever Escamilla (Rockford, IL)
  • Larry Tilton (East Wakefield, NH)
  • Marc Lariviere (North Hampton, NH)

Send your photos, video, and stories to us and you just might be featured in a future episode. Submit at: http://www.walkertalk.com/life

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