Walker Talk Video: Episode 7

We are excited to announce our first YouTube LIVE event October 8th and 1:00pm MDT. In a year where it seems like everything is being cancelled, like the GIE+EXPO and even our own Factory Day, we still wanted to do something to brings our friends into the engineering department where they will not only meet our engineering team, but they will also get to see new product Walker is releasing for 2021. Mark your calendars and we will see you there!


Factory Tours:
For info or scheduling visit www.walker.com/factory-tour

Interviewed in this episode:
  • Steve Huval, Retired G.E. Engineer - He is a residential customer with about 2 acres of property and he improved his mowing time from over 6 man hours with a garden tractor to just over an hour with a Walker H27i and 52” deck.

  • Tony Guevara and Jim Zaccaro - Jim Zaccaro of Phoenix, Arizona is retired from a long and successful career, and he has a loyal contractor named Tony Guevara who has meticulously cared for the Zaccaro's property for over 20 years with a Walker Mower. And over the years Jim and Tony have developed a great relationship of trust and admiration. About 6 weeks ago, while Tony was working at Jim’s place he noticed that Tony was working on his 28-year-old Walker under a tree in his backyard, and this is where the story takes a really cool turn!

Featured Submissions:

  • Greg Baker (Lake Martin, Alabama)

  • Robbins Property Services (Gorham, Maine)

  • Rachel Gray (Anchorage, Alaska)

  • East End Property Management (Bergen County New Jersey)

  • Kirk Kirscht (Plymouth, Minnesota)

Send your photos, video, and stories to us and you just might be featured in a future episode. Submit at: http://www.walkertalk.com/life


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